About KLOB

The Kickball League of Baltimore is owned and operated by Jim Figlozzi and Chris Harvey.

The League was founded in August 2001 by Jim and Brannan Armstrong-Villee. We heard about kickball in other cities and thought it would be fun to bring Kickball to Baltimore, plus we really wanter to play!

We were the first Adult Kickball League in the Baltimore area and began our first season the Fall of 2001 with 4 teams. We are proud to say that the league has grown tremendously since we first started.

The League now plays on Wednesday and Thursday nights in Canton, Federal Hill and Catonsville with Spring, Summer and Fall leagues. Thanks to our partnership Coors Light and our Local Bar Sponsors the Kickball League of Baltimore will continue to bring the fun of kickball to young adults in Charm City!

In 2015 Chris joined KLOB as Brannan decided to take more time with her family and her regular career in DC.

Through the years KLOB has also expanded to other cities under the brand Kickball League of America. KLOA Website

We now have leagues in Virgina, Pennsylvania, Ohio and California. We operate these leagues with local parners in each city. If you have any friends in other cities that want to run a division of KLOA in their town have them email us at KickballAmerica@Gmail.com